FACES in fotobooth.

for my assigned brief; this blog will depict the research i have chosen, this research has helped me develop, expand and exploit all means of photography to create my final pieces for my brief. the subject i have followed for my project is "people". please enjoy my blog, be inspired and only leave when your hunger for photography is satisfied.

… and some of the best!

i tried to use props throughout that complimented the model:
model 1 - fun and playful
model 2 - young and preppy
model 3 - posh and classic
model 4 - sophisticated and older

i liked these images again for a number of different reasons. i would definitely say that i found model 1 and model 3 the easiest/most experienced to work with. and that is why i prefer more images of them. i like how model 1 is comfortable and can play around with the camera - i think the mask looks great and those that show the models eyes coming through it work really well. i liked the cheeky kiss to the camera and the cup on the head because i think they look “ditsy” and “cute”. with model 2 i thought the props used were good because they were specific to his look, i think the model is a preppy looking person and thats why i used things like fizzy drinks, a foam hand and an “i love vodka” sign. the other two models look great - i love model 3 and her patiently painting her nails, i think it gives her character - you can see her eyes are focused on her nails but her mind is elsewhere and i love model 4 and how he is doing “manly” things; spraying aftershave, smoothing over his hair and peering over his glasses.